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Steeping Guide

Like tea and fine wine, juice needs to age to reach its optimum flavour. As it steeps, good juice will develop a stronger and more mature flavour profile as the flavour concentrates blend into the propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin base. In this guide, I'll explain some of the most effective methods of steeping your juice.

Steeping Methods

If the internet has taught us anything, it's that there are dozens of methods of steeping, ranging from the fairly basic "put it in a cupboard and wait", to the more complex "put on your robe and wizard hat and say these magic words".[1]

Let's start off with something simple:

1. Put it in a cupboard and wait.

This is the easiest way to steep, and just involves the ability to move your arm and the ownership of a cupboard. Give your juice a strong shake for a couple of minutes, then stick it somewhere cool and dark for a few days. Come back and shake it for a few minutes every now and then for good luck.

You'll get good results just by shaking and giving your juice time to mature, but if you're impatient perhaps you'd like to try this:

2. Give it a bath.

Shake your juice for a couple of minutes, then put the bottle in a cup. Slowly fill the cup with hot (but not boiling) water, then put the cup in a cupboard and leave it for a day. When you come back, your juice should be nicely steeped, and as a bonus you'll have a lovely cup of cool water to quench whatever thirst you've worked up in the meantime.

This method is quicker and generally produces good results, but you might find you need to give your juice a few baths before it really comes alive.

Now let's head into wizard hat territory:

3. Use the power of sound.

Do you own an ultrasonic cleaner? Of course you do, every household in Australia is required by law to have an ultrasonic cleaner, so why would you be any different?[2]

Go ahead and shake the hell out of your juice then stick it in your ultrasonic cleaner and give it a solid dose of good vibrations for at least 30 minutes. Shake it again to get rid of any hell that snuck back in, and give it another lashing of the old ultrasonics.

Some people find this method can deliver a great tasting juice in a couple of hours, but your mileage may vary. Personally, I'd just scroll back up and re-read the bit about putting it in a cupboard.


Some juices can have a strong perfumey alcohol taste that ruins the vaping experience. To fix it you'll need to let your juice breath by removing the cap, squeezing out whatever air is inside[3] to let in some fresh air, and leaving it to rest for up to two weeks. Come back every day or so to shake the bottle and squeeze out the air again for best results.

If your juice doesn't improve no matter how much you steep it, you've got a dud juice and you should pour it down the sink or give it to someone you don't like.

[1] The internet has also taught us more than we needed to know about cats, but that's a subject for another article.

[2] If for some reason you don't own an ultrasonic cleaner, or you only have a worthless megasonic cleaner, eBay usually has them for sale.

[3] Not recommended for glass bottles.