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Do your juices contain nicotine?

No. It's illegal in Australia to supply nicotine for sale, so we sell doubler bottles (see below) so that you can add your own nicotine if you wish. Nicotine imports are still something of a grey area in many parts of Australia so we can't give you specific advice on how to source nicotine, but you can find plenty of information on places like reddit and the Aussie Vapers forum.

What ingredients go in your juice?

Our juice is made from three primary ingredients: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and natural or artifical flavours. We exclusively source our flavour concentrates from suppliers in Australia and the United States and we investigate each supplier we use to ensure the highest possible quality.

Each concentrate supplier we buy from must provide us with safety information regarding their concentrates, including a Material Safety Data Sheet and a description of the extraction method used to create the flavour concentrate.

All flavour concentrates in Outerworld juice are certified food-grade and are therefore safe to ingest. They're so safe you could mix our juices into a glass of water and make cordial if you wanted to, but it's probably cheaper to just buy some Cottee's.

Do your juices contain diacetyl?

We do not use diacetyl-based concentrates, nor do we work with suppliers that still sell diacetyl-based concentrates.

What are doublers and singlers?

A doubler bottle contains double-strength juice concentrates for vapers who want to add their own nicotine. Each doubler bottle is twice the volume of the requested juice to make it easier to mix. For instance, a 15ml doubler comes in a 30ml bottle. Singler bottles contain pre-diluted juice concentrates and are for vapers who don't intend to add nicotine to their juice.