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Big B'day 2019

Three new flavours. All orders doubled up. $5,000 cash to give away. For real.

Wew lad, it took a bit to get there, but the Outerworld Big B'day sale has landed! Better late than never!

First up this year: after much begging and cajoling and threatening from eager vapers all over the country, we're proud to announce that Deneb, Kastra, and Maia have finally, finally been released! 

If you haven't experienced these flavour supernovas, you'll need to spend some time preparing your tastebuds for an onslaught they'll never forget. Here's what they've got coming to them:

  • Deneb — Thick slices of dragonfruit and rich red strawberries layered with lightly spiced thickened cream.

  • Kastra — Lightly crushed prickly pear cactus with generous handfuls of luscious fresh raspberries.

  • Maia — Sweet pitted lychees and juicy mulberries mixed with tart green mango.

Amazing, right? Get in fast, because everyone else will and you don't want to be the one person who misses out.

Secondly: as is tradition, all orders over $50 will be doubled up!

And finally: five lucky vapers will each win a share of $5,000 in cold hard cash! To enter the competition, just tell us in 25 words or less how vaping has changed your life for the better, and you'll be in the running to win one of five $1,000 cash prizes!

On July 1 at around 3:00 PM AEST we'll gather all of the entries and select a competition winner. We'll contact the winner directly to let them know, and we'll announce the winner on our website and via our Facebook page.

If you're interested in reading boring legal documents, the competition fine print / terms and conditions are available here.

Plus: random orders will receive a handful of goodies like gift cards (ranging from $5 to $100), drip tips, vape bands, and other assorted trinkets.

    We know there was a bit of a delay with the birthday sale this year and we're sorry about that, but we hope that the wait was worth it. Thank you so much to everyone for your patronage and support over the last four years; we're so happy and proud to be part of the Australian vaping community, and we hope to continue to serve you to the best of our ability for many years to come.

    Much love,

    Savvas, Jana, and Zelda