Birthday Delay Posted on 1 May 01:26 , 4 comments

Heads up, this is an old post from more than a month ago. Don't freak out, the Big B'day Sale is well underway now.

Hello, Savvas here. I'm afraid the birthday sale has been postponed. There will be a birthday sale, it's just coming a little later than usual and I can't tell you exactly when. Not in the next two weeks at least.

As for why, well, the full list of reasons is long, but to distill it down to its essence: I fucked up.

As you probably know, South Australia's new anti-vaping legislation has forced dozens of small family-owned companies like Outerworld to move interstate so we can continue operating. We've been forced to uproot our lives to maintain our livelihoods, so we can hopefully continue to provide for our families and keep people employed.

Sometimes an interstate move is a welcome change of pace and an opportunity for a different lifestyle. This time, for me and others facing similar circumstances, leaving means chaos and harsh realities and, worst of all, breaking up our families — on top of the difficulties of shifting a business and all of its assets interstate.

So, I fucked up. I spent so long focusing on the move and the impact it's having on my personal life that I didn't give any thought or consideration to how this sale would roll out, what it might lead to, and how it would impact a hard-working team of good people already dealing with massive disruptions to their work and personal lives.

Only tonight, when I finally sat down to focus on the mechanics of the sale - the last bit where I flip the various switches that activate the double up and the special invoices and the confetti and so on - did I devote any serious time to thinking about the preparations that were in place and the structure of the sale in general. 

Dumb, I know, and that's how I feel, and that's why I'm here at one in the morning oversharing with strangers on the internet. I'm sorry I fucked up, but I'll do my best to fix it as quickly as possible. Just let me get through this last little bit of moving and we'll be golden.

<3 Savvas